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Lockwood Family Clock

Have you noticed the clock on the wall of the Whittlesea Post Office? Have you wondered where did it come from and what is the story of this old clock? Here is my story. I was made by Thomas Gaunt who was born in 1829, and arrived in Melbourne in 1852. By 1858 he had established his business as a...

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William Lockwood

William Lockwood – First Engineer of Whittlesea William Henry Lockwood was born in Glossop, Derbyshire c 1832. He migrated to Victoria on the first voyage of the Marco Polo in 1853 and married Naomi Bullock in St.Peter’s Church of England Melbourne on 27th December 1856. They had nine children, four of whom died in infancy and were buried in Yan Yean...

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Launceston Elliot

Britain’s First Olympic Champion who later came to live in Whittlesea. Launceston Elliot was born in India on 9th June 1874, but his parents,who married in Carlton in 1873, chose his name because he had been conceived in the City of Launceston. Launceston was the son of Gilbert Wray Elliot and his third wife Anne Mason. Gilbert  who was descended...

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