About Us

About the Society

The Whittlesea Historical Society was founded in 1975, then known as Whittlesea & Conservation Society. Bill Payne, who wrote the first history of the Shire of Whittlesea, was a Foundation member and President from October 1976 until his death in 1983.

The Whittlesea Historical Society meets on the third Sunday of each month at Whittlesea Bowls Club, 101 Church Street, Whittlesea at 2:00pm (except January). Visitors are most welcome to attend.

Purposes of the WHS include:

  • The encouragement of the study of Australian, Victorian & local history
  • The production of properly researched analytical local histories
  • The collection, preservation, dissemination and publication of historical documents and photographs and when necessary other items of historical interest
  • The location, identification and preservation of significant local heritage features
  • Encouragement of and participation in the study of Australian, Victorian and local history in schools and other educational institutions in the area
  • Promotion of cultural tourism
  • Exchange of information and co-operation with other historical societies through membership of the RHSV and co-operation with other bodies in related fields of conservation and genealogy
  • To so conduct its affairs that it has a continuing existence and is financially viable

Some of our recent activities include:

  • Presentation of events for the City of Whittlesea’s annual Cultural Heritage Program
  • Digitalisation of our photographic collection
  • Guest Speaker nights
  • Representation on the Yarra Plenty Heritage Forum
  • Outings to local places of interest
  • Attendance at workshops and seminars presented by the Royal Historical Society of Victoria
  • Publication of Whittlesea Township Heritage Walk booklet

Office Bearers 2023/2024

  • President: Barbara Miller
  • Vice President: Ross Mugavin
  • Secretary: Karen Wilson
  • Treasurer: Margaret Mann
  • Committee: Virginia Greenwood, Albert Miller, Chris Scull, Judy Clements