Code of Conduct

WHS Code of Conduct (Rules of Engagement)

All members agree at all times:

To abide by the stated Rules of the Society, contribute positively to the Purposes, and work towards the best possible standards of service.

Not to practise or exercise personal values contrary to those stated in the society’s rules/ constitution and legislation relevant to the society during WHS activities.

To behave in a friendly, respectful and accepting manner towards other members and their views.

To act in the best interests of the Society with care, diligence and loyalty.

To resolve disputes directly between the people involved if possible – a committee member may be approached to facilitate this. If necessary, an executive committee member should be approached to facilitate moving forward in line with the Constitution.

To keep all personal information of other members confidential unless sharing is agreed to by the individual concerned.


To focus on the current agenda item rather than straying into other areas.  Members may request items to be included in a meeting agenda no later than 14 days prior to a meeting.

To allow everyone to speak, and be mindful of keeping to an appropriate time limit. To ensure questions and comments are concise and relevant.

To declare conflicts of interest.

To exercise powers for their proper use with honesty and in good faith.

To keep all society information and decisions confidential unless agreed to by a majority vote at a meeting.


To conduct themselves professionally when representing the organisation to the community at all times.

To wear identification at meetings and when conducting community events.

Not to bring the reputation of the WHS or its management committee or fellow members into disrepute in forums, other organisations or discussions outside WHS.