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A collection of articles written over the years by various members of the Whittlesea Historical Society.



Thomastown Terminal Station

Thomastown Terminal Station By Robert Wuchatsch As you drive north along High Street and cross the intersection of Mahoney’s Road and Keon Parade, the Thomastown Terminal Station dominates the landscape on your left. This Thomastown landmark, which commenced operations in 1924, has now served Melbourne and Victoria for a century. On 6 December 1922 the Argus reported: Steady progress is...

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Carome Homestead in Mernda

Carome Homestead in Mernda By Barbara Miller In 1840, Arthur Serjeantson (also written Sergeantson) purchased Section 19, Lot 11, in the Parish of Morang, a total of 842 acres for the price of 1,326 pounds. This large property covered as far north as Bridge Inn Road. He named the property Sergeantson Hall, although it soon became known as Carome, which...

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‘Heatherley’ at Whittlesea

‘Heatherley’ at Whittlesea By Vance Bebbington The farm now known as ‘Castle Hill Farm’ was previously called ‘Heatherley’. Our grandparents Joseph and Edith Bebbington purchased the property in 1933 and moved there in September 1934. At that time, it consisted of 180 acres (72 hectares) with an additional 76 acres (30 hectares) being leased. The family sold the farm in...

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Thomastown’s 19th Century Irish Families

Thomastown’s 19th Century Irish Families By Rob Wuchatsch The Germans and Wends who settled at Westgarthtown in 1850 were one of four different groups to settle at Thomastown during the 19th Century. The other nationalities represented at Thomastown were the English, Scottish and Irish. Thomastown’s most prominent Irish settlers were the Devine, Larmer, Lewis, Mahoney, McCoy and Perry families. The...

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Gwen Hawke – Her Story

Gwen Hawke – Her Story By Bev Moore Dedications Photo / Articles from her loving Daughter Alicia Hawke, Mrs Beryl Patulo, Mrs. Wendy Lowry, Mr. Bruce Batten & Robert Wuachatsch This story is a dedication to a warm and wonderful individual Mrs. Gwen Hawke, of   whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at the Whittlesea Courthouse...

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Launceston Elliot

Britain’s First Olympic Champion who later came to live in Whittlesea. By Gwen Hawke and Maureen Doyle Launceston Elliot was born in India on 9th June 1874, but his parents, who married in Carlton in 1873, chose his name because he had been conceived in the City of Launceston. Launceston was the son of Gilbert Wray Elliot and his third...

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Exhibition of the Fay Thomas Collection

Faye Thomas Collection by Wendy Lowry. At the end of January 2016, several members of the Whittlesea Historical Society were invited to attend the display at the Whittlesea Shire Offices of a cross section of the Fay Thomas Archival Collection. Heritage Coordinator , Colleen Lazenby in conjunction with the Executors of Faye Thomas presented a mixture of photographs, letters, maps...

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Euphemeral Objects

Euphemeral Objects by Wendy Lowry The word “euphemeral” relates to items that are short lived or transitory in nature. I have come into the possession of an euphemeral object of a Train Timetable for June 1949. This Timetable is for Melbourne to Keon Park , Thomastown and vice a versa. In 1949 there were first and second class fares available...

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