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A collection of articles and essays written by members concerning the history of Whittlesea and surrounds.


Further reading on the City of Whittlesea’s local history:


  • Chinese Settlement in the Whittlesea Shire Arthur Yong
  • Education at Whittlesea 1848-1978 J W Payne
  • Historic Views of the City of Whittlesea. Robert Wuchatsch & Gwen Hawke (*)(#)
  • Historic Buildings of the Whittlesea Shire Robert Wuchatsch & John Waghorn
  • Mayfield Presbyterian Church, Mernda. Richard Ely (#)
  • Nature’s Plenty. Michael Jones (#)
  • Reminiscences of Whittlesea E M Duffy
  • The English Church at Whittlesea J W Payne
  • The Plenty J W Payne
  • The Plenty Bushrangers of 1842: the first Europeans hanged in Victoria. Lindsay Mann (*)(#)
  • The Whittlesea Railway Robert Aquilina
  • Wooden Rails to Kinglake and Flowerdale R Alger
  • Whittlesea Township Heritage Walk. Angela Roper (*)(#)
  • Yan Yean: A History Dianne Edwards

(*) available for purchase through the Whittlesea Historical Society, refer to Publications page of this website.

(#) available for purchase at Whittlesea Courthouse Visitor Information Centre, cnr Beech & Church Sts, Whittlesea.

Note: many of these titles are available at the Yarra Plenty Regional Library, Mill Park. >>Visit web site



Westgarthtown – Thomastown

Westgarthtown was established in March 1850 and is named after WILLIAM WESTGARTH (1815 -1889). This was Victoria’s first German settlement and had a number of names during the 1850’s: Keelbundora, the German colony, Dry Creek, Neu Mecklenburg and Germantown. The German and Wendish settlers finally renamed it Westgarthtown in recognition of Westgarth’s assistance both prior and after their arrival into...

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Hawkstowe Park

(Melways Map 183 H8)Entry is gained from Gordon’s Road. Hawkstowe Park is managed by Parks Victoria and is open all year round from 8.00am to 5.00pm except during daylight saving time when the gates are open until 8.00pm. Hawkstowe Park was once the home of the Le Page family. It was built in the 1850’s and consisted of the homestead,...

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Drystone Walls

Historically the area around Whittlesea was blessed or should I say cursed, whichever way you look at it, with having an abundance of stone in the landscape. The Germans when they first arrived in Thomastown quickly mastered the rocky terrain, utilising the stone for buildings and fences. The English, Scottish and Irish immigrants who settled nearby at Epping, Wollert, Woodstock...

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Keon Park

The Suburb, and more particularly the Railway Station of Keon Park which is in the City of Whittlesea, was named after Keon Park Pty Ltd., a land development Company formed in 1924. The Directors were Joseph CHALEYER, Henry Isaac COHEN, John James LISTON, John Wesley McCOMAS and John Edmond TAYLOR. A very interesting bunch of people, but Mr COHEN is...


Caretaker’s House at Yan Yean Reservoir

This article intends using existing documentation to discover when the brick section of the Caretaker’s House at Yan Yean Reservoir was built and occupied.  Meredith Gould in her 1991 Whittlesea Heritage Study, speculated that the oldest or masonry section of the building known as the Caretaker’s Cottage, may have been designed by James Blackburn. This is entirely possible as existing documentation...

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Carome Homestead

In 1840, Arthur Sergeantson purchased Section 19, Parish of Morang, a total of 842 acres. He named the property Sergeantson Hall but the portion between the Plenty River and Plenty Road soon became known as Carome the name of the flour mill he established in 1841. The Homestead itself was built in 1861 from local bluestone and is a large...

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Bundoora Homestead

In 1899 John Matthew Vincent Smith ( 1857-1923), a prominent identity in the horse breeding and racing industry, acquired the property known as “Bundoora Park” consisting of some 606 acres. The homestead was the result of a design competition. The owner John Matthew Vincent Smith advertised in the Argus and attracted 16 designs. The first prize of 50 Pounds was...

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Whittlesea Courthouse

Located at the corner of Church and Beech Streets in Whittlesea.(Melway Map 246  G8) Among the early townships in the Plenty Valley Whittlesea came the closest to fulfilling the role as the main centre in the area. It was for this reason that Whittlesea was chosen as the site for the courthouse, which was built in 1864. The courthouse is...

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