Mason’s Road – Mernda

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History has it that in 1853 the families of Samuel JEFFREY and John MASON bought their properties along what was originally a track between Mernda and Wollert.

John Mason took up a grant from the crown of 320 acres in Wollert known as Roseland and in 1912 the property was renamed to became Mason Farm.

The road construction began shortly after and the story goes that the surveyors who were sent to map out the land for the road began at each end. One from the Epping Road end and the other from the Plenty Road end. Unfortunately when they came together they were not in line and so the road that was constructed has a sharp bend in the middle. The bend is still there today.

Once the road was completed a name was sought. It was agreed that a toss of a coin (probably a sovereign) was a fair answer. John MASON won the toss, so MASON’S LANE it was.

Originally referred to as MASON’S LANE,  this was changed more recently to MASON’S ROAD.

Had the toss been won by Samuel then, we’d have JEFFREY’S ROAD.

Extract supplied by Gwen Hawke and Suzanne Canning.