Laurie Collins Street – Mill Park

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When I first saw this street sign ( off McKimmies Road, Mill Park adjacent to the Darebin Creek) I assumed that COLLINS was a surname, but I did not get very far.

A few weeks later I called in at Dysons Buslines (adjacent) to obtain some bus timetables and casually asked the receptionist about the name Laurie Collins. She told me that he had started off the Dyson Buslines, firstly in Reservoir and later in McKimmies Road Mill Park. I must have looked a bit confused as then the receptionist added that his full name was Laurie Collins DYSON.

I have since found out that Dysons Buslines commenced in 1952 with four buses under the leadership of Lawrence Collins DYSON  at 755 Plenty Road, Reservoir, transferring later to McKimmies Road.  In November 2012, Dysons bought out the Reservoir Bus Company and Midland Tours, which increased their holdings to 70 buses and 125 staff.