Donnybrook Cemetery

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Part of the Whittlesea Cultural and Heritage Program saw a tour of the Donnybrook Cemetery which was conducted  and led by Historian David Weatherill.

On the 10th September 1857 a request was made to the Commissioner of Crown Lands, Victoria for land to be set aside for a proposed Cemetery at Donnybrook. Following this request and a favourable response from the Commissioner, a further communication was made on the

18th August 1859 by the then newly identified Trustees for the proposed cemetery noting that two acres of land for use by each denomination have been set aside, plus a further two acres held in reserve for “the internment of Strangers”, making a total of 10 acres of land for the cemetery.

The cemetery has been known over time as the Donnybrook Cemetery, the Kalkallo Cemetery and on a few occasions the Mickleham Cemetery.

The original Trustees appointed were :

William Wilson                       Presbyterian

Edward Wright                       Methodist

George Abbot Snr                   Episcopalian

John Trainor                            Roman Catholic

Over the years the cemetery was used on a regular basis  but by 1922 only four burial occurred in that year. The cemetery slowly fell into disrepair with the land being used to graze sheep on to keep the grass down. In June 1980 The Public Health Department put a recommendation to approach the Shire of Whittlesea to see if they would take over the Trustee role or have the cemetery closed.

The Shire of Whittlesea s policy was to promote local responsibility for cemeteries. Following a  public meeting held on the 11th August 1980 a new Donnybrook Cemetery Trust consisting of five members was set up.

With the new cemetery trust , the cemetery itself was cleared up and cared for  and is currently being well used.