Carome Homestead

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In 1840, Arthur Sergeantson purchased Section 19, Parish of Morang, a total of 842 acres. He named the property Sergeantson Hall but the portion between the Plenty River and Plenty Road soon became known as Carome the name of the flour mill he established in 1841.

The Homestead itself was built in 1861 from local bluestone and is a large but very standard late nineteenth century house situated on the property that once housed one of Victoria’s first water-powered flour mills. In 1868 the mill was destroyed by fire although there are some remnants of the mill  that still remain and overlooking the Plenty River. 
It is one of the oldest buildings in the City of Whittlesea and historically significant due to the association of the flour mill with the Melbourne markets in the 1840’s.

The Homestead has been painstakingly restored and today you can visit it as TWO BEANS AND FARM Restaurant. You can wander around the farm area and sit inside and enjoy a coffee or a lovely meal. There is a sign pointing the way off Plenty Road. Enjoy the history!!!!

The homestead is at 10 Hathfelde Street, Mernda.