Site Management Home

Welcome to the Site Manager.

On the right you will find a menu that links you to the various management areas.


General Editing – Pages and Areas

Once you have logged on a small icon appears on the top right corner of most areas you may wish to edit. Hovering over the area normally displays the icon, if not already visible.

( You MUST be logged on to do this )

There are two types of pages you can edit.

  1. Standard site pages
  2. Module pages.

Standard site pages Icon looks like >><<

Module pages looks like >><<

The module page icon only displays when you hover the mouse over the module area.

Clicking on the icons grants you the ability to edit the content of that area/page using the WYSIWYG* editor. (*What you see is what you get)

The Editor is similar to a word processor you may be familiar with, however it is important to minimize any formatting changes of the content as most of this is managed by CSS style sheets which are unavailable from this area.

Submitting an Article to the Article section

To maintain uniform appearance of the page un-formatted text is required when copy and pasting into the editor.

The “read more” page break can be inserted after the first paragraph.

A practice page has been installed here and can be accessed via the Manager menu to the right