Places of Historical interest

Parks, townships, farms, infrastructure etc.


Keon Park

The Suburb, and more particularly the Railway Station of Keon Park which is in the City of Whittlesea, was named after Keon Park Pty Ltd., a land development Company formed in 1924.

Castle Hill Farm and Vineyard

The Castle Hill farm was originally owned by John Bear who had bought the land on the 24th November 1842, under a “Deed of Grant Purchase”. Section 20, Parish of Yan Yean, County of Bourke, lot 52 consisted of approximately 932 acres.

Drystone Walls

Historically the area around Whittlesea was blessed or should I say cursed, whichever way you look at it, with having an abundance of stone in the landscape.

Hawkstowe Park

(Melways Map 183 H8)
Entry is gained from Gordon’s Road. Hawkstowe Park is managed by Parks Victoria and is open all year round from 8.00am to 5.00pm except during daylight saving time when the gates are open until 8.00pm.

Westgarthtown -Thomastown

Westgarthtown was established in March 1850 and is named after WILLIAM WESTGARTH (1815 -1889). This was Victoria’s first German settlement and had a number of names during the 1850’s: Keelbundora, the German colony, Dry Creek, Neu Mecklenburg and Germantown. The German and Wendish settlers finally renamed it Westgarthtown in recognition of Westgarth’s assistance both prior and after their arrival into Australia.