Historical buildings of note


Christ Church Anglican, Whittlesea

In 1863 a Whittlesea resident Thomas Wills donated fifteen acres of land  to the Church of England  for the use of promoting the Christian religion within the area. More specifically though Wills directed that part of this land was for the erection  of a building for public worship and of a dwelling for the Minister duly appointed.

Wollert Primary School No. 1861

The Education Department acquired the site for this school on High Street from  Mr Cameron in 1875 for 5 Pounds. It was on the 1st of March 1877  that Wollert State  School no.1861 was officially opened.

Old Pubs and Hotels

The origins of Pubs and Hotels are often a forgotten aspect of local History. It seems strange because the hotel is looked upon as a hub venue in any town. People congregate there to gossip, to bet and certainly to relax and tell stories.

The City of Whittlesea has many old Pubs and Hotels within its boundaries, some dating back to the 1840’s. Nearly all the original hotels were made of wood and have suffered from time to time with fires. These hotels were mostly single storey and probably had the hitching posts out the front.

Whittlesea Courthouse

Located at the corner of Church and Beech Streets in Whittlesea.
(Melway Map 246  G8)

Among the early townships in the Plenty Valley Whittlesea came the closest to fulfilling the role as the main centre in the area. It was for this reason that Whittlesea was chosen as the site for the courthouse, which was built in 1864.

Bundoora Homestead

In 1899 John Matthew Vincent Smith ( 1857-1923), a prominent identity in the horse breeding  and racing industry, acquired the property known as "Bundoora Park" consisting of some 606 acres.

Carome Homestead

In 1840, Arthur Sergeantson purchased Section 19, Parish of Morang, a total of 842 acres. He named the property Sergeantson Hall but the portion between the Plenty River and Plenty Road soon became known as Carome the name of the flour mill he established in 1841.

Caretaker’s House at Yan Yean Reservoir

This article intends using existing documentation to discover when the brick section of the Caretaker's House at Yan Yean Reservoir was built and occupied.