About the Society

The Whittlesea Historical Society meets on the third Sunday of each month at 2 pm (except January), visitors are most welcome to attend. Refer to the What's On page for details. We meet in the Activity Centre, Laurel St, Whittlesea.

Some of our aims include:

  • Petition on behalf of local historic sites, buildings, trees, etc to Council or government,
  • Undertake and promote the research of our history,
  • Collect, conserve, compile and make available historic records,
  • Establish and maintain a library and archives of that information,
  • Disseminate knowledge of our history through lectures, publications, exhibitions, excursions and other means,
  • Provide a means for people interested in the area’s history to meet, discuss and participate.

Some of our recent activities include:

  • Presentation of events for the City of Whittlesea's annual Cultural Heritage Program,
  • Digitalisation of our photographic collection;
  • Guest Speaker nights,
  • Representation on the Yarra Plenty Heritage Forum,
  • Outings to local places of interest,
  • Attendance at workshops and seminars presented by the Royal Historical Society of Victoria,
  • Production of biannual newsletter,
  • Publication of Whittlesea Township Heritage Walk booklet.