Author: jason

Tatlow Drive – Epping

On the block of land now occupied by the Epping Secondary College, there was a  two-storey bluestone house. Built by or for Richard Scale.  In 1947, the TATLOW family had purchased this property and lived there until the 1970’s when the Education Department bought the land from them. The bluestone house remained for a few years. It has long since...

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Plenty Road – Whittlesea

   The name ‘Plenty River’ was bestowed in Feb. 1836 by Joseph Tice GELLIBRAND, of the Port Phillip Association, because the nearby country had such a promising aspect.    When the area around what is now Whittlesea was settled in the 1840’s, it received the name “Plenty” or “Upper Plenty” because of its proximity to the Plenty River. 

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